WIN 10, crock (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by JBG, Wednesday, July 06, 2016, 21:53 (561 days ago)

This makes no sense. Just over 20 years ago I recall watching a video of terminator 2 on a 486 66Mhz computer, now a days you have to have a 2 core processor running 2.7Ghz to watch a video? WTF? So were forced to run much faster systems to get less than the same results. And freaking MS is now hiding stuff (can you say SPYWARE) in it's OSes to send data across the internet to it's idiots in sales. What a crock.

Guess I'll be switching to Linux or a Mac.

Thanks Bill Gates (oh and guess what? He only discovered the internet in the early 90's)

SNMP right? Security is Not My Problem... Duffus

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