My Windows 10 profile corrupts at least once a month (Windows Sucks)

by God I Hate Windows, Thursday, July 07, 2016, 02:28 (564 days ago) @ IHateMS

Same issue here. I had my first run in with it tonight. I am on my third fucking install of Windows 10 too. At first I installed the Enterprise LTSB edition, which includes no bullshit metro apps and gets updates bi-yearly. I did this to avoid Microsoft's shit. Next day I find out that Forza Horizon 3 will only be releasing through the Microsoft Store (Windows Store? Whatever the fuck it's called.) So I try to find a separate app to download containing only the Store... No such luck. Instead I install another version of Enterprise that has the extra bloatware installed. This works fine until I order my graphics card.... Which needs Windows 10 version 1511 to install. I try to find a way to update, no such luck. There's an installer for Education versions, but not one for Enterprise. This pissed me off, as the .iso file I downloaded in June of 2016 didn't contain the update that was released nearly a year ago, in fucking November of 2015. So I installed the Education edition, and lost all my files for a third fucking time. (I do have two drives, one dedicated to games, so thankfully larger files and saves were untouched.) This worked amazing for five goddamn days (GTX 1080 is a great card) before Windows decided to shit itself again. I was playing the new Wolfenstein game (not that this is particularly relevant) when I decided to take a break and get some dinner. I quit the game and leave the pc at the desktop. When I come back the monitor is black and the pc is off. No big deal, it goes into power saver mode all the time. I hit the power button and the pc turns on, but the monitor is blank. After trouble shooting the absolute shit out of the system it boots and starts to go into the OS. Then it gives me an error and tells me the system will reboot. The system reboots and then gives me the error code 0xc0000225 a.k.a. Fuck You. The winload.efi file is missing or corrupt. I change some settings in BIOS and reboot and lo and behold, another error message telling me that my computer restarted because of a problem (this problem changes every boot so I can't even specify what the fuck it is) and that it's rebooting to solve the problem. Then a familiar screen pops up with the error code 0xc0000225, or sometimes 0xc0000221, which, from my understanding, is a variation of Fuck You. So I get on my Mac (funny how that still works) and Google what the fuck the issue is, only to find out that the first result is trying to sell me a $20 .iso file that has a 100% guarantee to fix my issue. There's no way in hell I'm paying another $20; I was too cheap to buy the OS in the first place. So now I'm going to re-install Windows again. This is really pissing me off.

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