VS 2013 sucks on Windows 10 - Keeps Locking Up (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Tom P @, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 23:50 (237 days ago)

VS 2013 Keeps freezing on Windows 10.
It already sucked on Windows 7, but this is fucked up.
Microsoft products are worth zero. People should not pay for them, when there are much better products out there for FREE that do a much better job.
I spent over $300K on development and now I am stuck with a pile of shit that now has to be rewritten.
HOLD OFF on Windows 10. It sucks 100%. It should not have been released until they tested their shit on it.
I am getting away from Microsoft. Use Php, Java, Python, or anything other than Microsoft, unless, of course, you are an IDIOT, like Me!

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