Windows just proprietary predator version of linux (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by RTFM Microsoft, USA, Thursday, September 22, 2016, 19:51 (519 days ago) @ New User

Wow....that is a powerful and amazing assertion. I fucking hate Windows but at least I know it well enough to understand the operating systems are very different, and that the crappy Windows codebase wouldn't survive a day in the open source world. Apple has opened their source code to the public and they are getting their asses handed to them. Should have thought that one through. If the core Windows OS codebase ever gets leaked to the public again, it'll change the Microsoft Windows world forever. Linux has always been open source, and as such it has had millions of eyes looking the codebase. This is what has made it the success it is IMHO.

The power of the Open Source Community is amazing. Just ask Darl McBride.

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