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by D0J0P @, Sunday, October 02, 2016, 02:25 (475 days ago) @ beenthere

Okay, lets be even more real here. While not every product out there does THAT much better of a job than an MS product, there isn't a single MS product that is any better than any other product out there. Windows? Mac and Linux are FAR better as an OS. Hotmail/Outlook? A total nightmare to use now. It was even better before, but Gmail is much better, and there are plenty other mail providers. Edge? Still not a great browser, and isn't much better than IE, and they branded it stupidly by giving it an E logo instead of that cool Spartan logo. Office? I haven't used it in a long time, but I've been using LibreOffice for a while now, and it's pretty great. I haven't had compatibility issues with Word documents in over a year now, so things are pretty nice on LibreOffice. Xbox may have some exclusives, but Playstation and Nintendo consoles together would cover you really well, unless you really love Halo or something.

Basically, there is just nothing that Microsoft does that is outstanding or better than anyone else. And by that, I mean that they half-ass everything they do, and have non-competitive practices that keep the competition from winning more and more. They're stifling the industry, I think. If we were all on Linux or even Mac, things would be much better as far as operating systems go. We'd just have to deal with compatibility of 2 operating systems and Linux would excel even more with a bigger community and the fact that it's more compatible with Mac on most things. Unix-like OSs are superior.

Seriously, MS is redundant and just trying to take over the industry with a monopoly. I'm so pissed at them for it.

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