Spending a few hours staring at "Getting Windows Ready..." (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by frustrated user number 14,345,234,234, Monday, April 17, 2017, 07:32 (38 days ago)

That's right folks

"Getting Windows REady, Don't Turn off your computer"

EXCUSE ME? I never asked for you do update yourself you pathetic piece of crap, I just wanted to restart my computer and start my workday but instead I'm staring at this F@#$%^ing prompt for the past hour and a half with NO end in sight.

Just when you thought MS reached the pinnacle of ass#$%(*---edness they dig down and find a whole new level.

I'm stunned at the stupidity of this. I actually have a very fast system, with a latest generation i7 processor and a very quick solid state drive. How long do people with SLOW systems have to wait for this piece of crap windows10 to update itself?


Microsoft, you people are the most pathetic jerks ever invented!

Spending a few hours staring at "Getting Windows Ready..."

by as usual, Saturday, May 13, 2017, 12:44 (12 days ago) @ frustrated user number 14,345,234,234

i'm coming back HERE to see if anything can get done REGARDING micrOsoft's UNAUTHORIZED downloads and getting done as in a class action.

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