1703 Creators Update. What the hell, man! (Windows Sucks)

by El Robski Grande, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 13:53 (192 days ago)

Okay. So they deliver Windows 10. Sure enough it looks nice, less sucky than Win 8.
Then they come with these big updates. Anniversary update brought more than just improvements (read: bugs) and sure enough, most can be remedied.

Now. Here comes the 1703 / Creators update.

- Bad performance compared to pre-1703 in games.
- A gazillion other issues.

And to top it off, they b0rked cardreaders.
If one were to 'safely remove hardware' through the task bar, instead of just disabling the connected SD card (and upon removal and then re-inserting it) with it coming back up, NO.. This 4 month old version release (to OEMs anyway) totally disables the cardreader until you restart the computer or fix the bloody exclamation mark in Device Manager!

Funny enough, if you "Eject" it through right clicking the drive in Windows Explorer / File Explorer, it works as it should.

How. HOW. HOW do you manage to do that and not fix it within a few weeks max? Surely this should be known to them by now?


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