12/2017 Win10 creators update - System Speaker, Restore (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by William @, Monday, December 18, 2017, 19:56 (65 days ago)

during windows creator update on December 13th, 2017 my system speaker was deleted, then reinstalled. It has not worked since; I have no other speakers nor headphones on my system, so windows troubleshooter is no help - it keeps saying neither is plugged in (no kidding - they never have been). I tried to fix by doing a system restore, but WAIT!!! they consider this update to be a critical update so there are no other restore points: all the carefulness I have used throughout the years to ensure my system is safe has been undone by the GOD OF COMPUTING, MICROSOFT, who NEVER makes mistakes... So then I try their contact page, BUT WAIT!!! I need to set up a Microsoft account; so I try, BUT WAIT!!! they need to verify my info a second time by sending me a text (the first verification was through my email), BUT WAIT!!! I do not use a cell phone... So here I am, through no fault of my own, sitting with a computer I bought less than one year ago because Microsoft pushed Windows 10 onto the world by continually draining resources of older computers, slowing them further and further, then seeing to it that essential applications would no longer work unless you had a computer capable of running Windows 10. IF YOU BREAK IT, YOU SHOULD FIX IT!!!

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