XBOX Customer Service (XBOX Sucks)

by KR @, Wednesday, September 05, 2007, 22:09 (3793 days ago)

Here's my story with their customer service. Maybe they should think about not outsourcing.

XBOX Customer Service

by Thordur, Monday, October 29, 2007, 13:47 (3739 days ago) @ KR

I have XBOX 360 also(but I like it) and once I had a problem, I tried to call, they have pretty lousy customer service yeah, once I called I got a answer from a robot answer machine and I had to speak on the phone a keyword with the topic I have problem with, then the problem, then A, B, C or D and such, so it was 20x more difficult to get answers there than just simply read FAQ on the internet. I expected to get to speak to a customer service PERSON!!!

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