greedy fuckers (XBOX Sucks)

by Anoymous, Thursday, February 06, 2014, 04:10 (1474 days ago)

i hate how i have 3 copies of Fable and two xboxs. Fable is no longer supported on these consoles. when i try to play it i get a message that says to attatch a hard drive. so i got a 12 gb hard drive. i was sure this was going to wrok and that i was going to be able to play this game. i absolutely love this game. BEST GAME EVER! i literally beat this game dozens of times because its soo awesome. fable 2 wasnt that good and i wont even buy Fable 3 because EVERYONE HATES IT! and microsoft mad all three of those games. ive spent hundreds of dollars on these consoles and controllers and just want to play one game. but microsoft wants me to send $130 for a 320 GB hard drive that ill never use for anything else. i hate that micrsoft is soo greedy and wont just keep the games updated. the new fable anniversary costs $40 and i dont want to spend that money on a game that i already have multiple versions of! i hate you microsoft and will never spend another penny on your shit!

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