#unmakewindows (Windows Sucks)

by Windows Shucking Sucks, Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 20:42 (1178 days ago)

The world should murder Windows. Whatever shuck got the idea to make it (Bill Gates) is a shank. They should be blasted to Jupiter. Shuck them. Die. Only your shank friends will care, Mr. I'm-So-Rich. Shuck off and leave us alone. All should just shucking buy Apple or Google products. Windows must die, but there are enough slintheads out there in the world to support the shuckiest shucking OS ever invented. Make the OS look like a mobile OS? SHUCK NO! I want my computer OS to look like a computer OS (preferably OS X) and my mobile OS to look like a mobile OS (preferably iOS). Shuck the whole shucking company. Windows needs to die. Share this post if you agree, fellow Windows-haters. Tweet that Bill Gates needs to unmake Windows, and #unmakewindows Facebook it. Whatever. Get the word out that Windows must die. die, Die, DIE! We must release a bomb that kills Windows! Buy a Mac, you got no shuck reason to worry about VIRUSES! Viruses are non-existent! SHUCK WINDOWS. UNMAKE WINDOW, MR. GATES. #UNMAKEWINDOWS. NOW!!!! Get a move on, Microsoft! Build a time machine to unmake the shuck OS that is Windows. Shuck out, slintheads.


by me, Friday, November 14, 2014, 18:36 (1161 days ago) @ Windows Shucking Sucks

Where'd you learn to cuss? Maze Runner?

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