Windows Is Crap - Here's a List of unacceptable failures. (Windows Sucks)

by Drewsky, Friday, February 13, 2015, 19:48 (1072 days ago)

Here is a bunch of needless crap that happened to me only recently with Windows. A lot more where these came from.

  • Clicking programs and they don't even open, they just start to look like they're opening and then don't.
  • Forced "color scheme" reboot with certain apps, and done so without asking first.
  • Dragging files to recycle bin, but bin acts as though empty, so you can't see or delete what's there until a full system restart makes it "realize" there are files there.
  • Those chronic freezes where things just lock down and don't move, and you only have the most basic apps running without any apparent stress on the machine. Clicking restart or shut down doesn't work and you must physically hold power off.
  • You're typing in one window and another pops up without warning or consent, so suddenly you're typing in that new window before realizing it, at least being detoured and at worst revealing your password.
  • Default install and restart setting for Windows updates - why not allow the option as default? Leaving your machine during a vital download, etc, only to be interrupted without knowing until you return!
  • Can't move a file even after it's closed and no app is using it; you have to wait an indefinite amount of time before you can. This is just latent retardation.
  • The clipboard loses what you copied from Excel if you do even the slightest action other than pasting immediately after copying.
  • You can't zip files or folders which contain any characters other than English language letters.
  • Right click and "Remove Hyperlink" in Excel cell also unformats entire cell of other traits, including background color and fonts.
  • Undo in one window of an application may undo something in a completely unrelated file just because it's opened by the same application. This is RIDICULOUS. Why would I want to undo another file that I'm not even looking at??
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