Install windows on macbook and see how is it really sucks (Windows Sucks)

by aramok, Saturday, July 11, 2015, 00:55 (926 days ago)

i just installed it to play game , i prepared some partition for that amount of 150 gb and i installed windows 8 ,
this wasnt my first installion , for 4 years when i want to play game i installed windows but this time sound card driver doesnt work
and i am software engineer i am writing the drivers , driver of sensors driver of shits (of course they all works great in non wondows systems)
i didnt understand whats happening because sounds works great in linux and macos but in windows doesnt work and i tried every solution (obviously they are not exacl solution because i still dont have sound)
after many many many research i realised the efi installion support something something and it says it can happend and after that you wont be able to hear any sound,

this wont be my last problem like a shit

i used to see black blue screens on 95 xp vista 7 8 10 ,, goes like this
and everytime i was like ('-_- )

because i dont see any problem that cannot be solved in other os

also i wonder
i have old computer and it was works great in advance it was the best with pentium processor it has xp works great
i checked all memory bus and sectors of hdd and all seems ok
i installed freebsd with kde on it and also xp is still exist on there multiboot

everytime i use xp it makes computer slow
what happened what was changed

i know you microsoft i you dont have game companies support your users will drop drastically and you will die immediately because there is no word to explain you better than 'suck'

even if you dont aggree im happy with unix :) because you suck bitch

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